Musical Rewards
Artists get maximum revenues and users get rewarded for their engagement on the platform
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Content Creators and Artistes
Upload your songs, podcasts and audiobooks to a decentralised network forever without any limitations
100% Revenue
Get complete earnings in a transparent and effective method due to the utilisation of Blockchain technology
Multiple Revenue Streams
Musards aims to increase revenue without taking the share of independent artists by implementing Video Ads, Native Audio Ads, Tips to our own Radio Station, Promotion of artists in return for Musards and 0.25% Exchange fee when converting Musards via the in-app exchange
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Listeners and Users
Do and get rewarded
Users are rewarded for their engagement on the platform and will be able to earn musards on the platform for listening to their favourite content. Additionally, users can earn Musards for free by doing some tasks such as watching a partner video advertisement or downloading an app which they will spend on our platform thus creating the first ever legal way of downloading paid content for free
Discover new independent artistes, exciting genres and engage with your favourite content creators directly via our inhouse Musards social network
Multiple Formats
Musards as a platform supports streaming Songs, Podcasts as well as Audiobooks and will keep evolving as per user needs. Be it the Top 20 Trending songs or Language Learning Podcasts, Musards has it all
Engage Directly
Engage with content creators like never before - Choose the next songs on the radio by staking your tokens, vote for your favourite songs and much more ;)